Transparent - Natalie Whipple *Genre* YA Science Fiction*Rating* 3.0*First Thoughts*Imagine a world where a new drug called Radiasure (Anti-radiation pills) was created during the Cold War Era between the US and Russia to protect people from radiation fall out. Instead, Radiasure caused "wide spread mutations, superhuman strength, iron-tough skin, diamond-sharp teeth, infinite endurance as well as mind control." Consuming the pills actually boosts your abilities. Mob syndicates like the one controlled by Jonas O'Connell quickly learned that the use of Radiasure gave them control of unique beings like his daughter Fiona (first invisible child), his two sons Graham (Ability to Fly) and Miles (Ability to scent imitate), as well as his wife Lauren (Telekinesis). It also created superheroes as well as super-villains. For Jonas (Charmer), this meant using Lauren and Fiona to spy on criminals, pick people's pocks, enter into hotel rooms unaware to the occupant, and other nefarious jobs as ordered including killing people which causes Lauren to flea with Fiona.This is the world of Transparent that Natalie Whipple has created. I wouldn't necessarily call it a Dystopian world since there's no apparent indication of any natural, or economic disasters, or World Wars. There's no zombies, or vampires running around causing wide spread panic. There's no threat of the sun exploding and destroying everything in it's path. I would call Transparent a cross between being a comic book like the X-Men and Science Fiction with a little mob element thrown in for good measure.Transparent's main character is 16 year old Fiona O'Connell who really hasn't had a life of her own and therefore acts out once she finds a little breathing room thanks to her mother. She's been used by her father who has the ability to persuade any female to do almost anything he wants them to do. She really has no clue what she looks like since she's invisible, nor has she had any real friends to hang out with. She's been persuaded by her father to do exactly what he tells her to do for fear of being killed, or tortured by her own brother Graham. Yeah, I really hated Graham right up until the very last page of this book. Transparent's main story is that Lauren and Fiona finally escape from the clutches of Jonas and finds a new home in Arizona which was kind of silly when you think about the closeness between Arizona and Las Vegas. Anyway, I digress. Here's where things become cloudy for me and where things started to go down hill fast. First, you have got to give Lauren credit for trying to escape a very abusive relationship with Jonas. I would say that Lauren suffered from Stockholm Syndrome but that would be too vague. Sometimes you just fall in love with the wrong person and live a life full of regrets. Instead of appreciating Lauren's prose and determination to give Fiona a better life, she instead acts out and caused me to scream several obscenities at her.Back to Fiona. She's a hot mess. Yes, you should feel a bit sorry for her because of what she was put through. Yes, she has the most annoying and awful brother imaginable no matter what Graham tries to explain to her and Lauren once they run away. But, Fiona is also her own worse enemy in that she keeps people at a distance until she has to finally realize that there are people who actually like and care about her.I think the most compelling characters in Transparent are the Navarro's (Hector, Bea, Carlos, Jose, Antonio and their parents.) I also liked brothers Seth and Brady who have their own special powers which come in handy. It became obvious as the nose on my face who Fiona would eventually fall for no matter what her internal problems were that held her back and caused her to want to runaway and hide.Unfortunately, Transparent fell a little short of keeping my mind on the story. I kept wanting to skip ahead to the end to find out what happens to Graham, and Jonas, and whether or not Lauren would finally tell Fiona to shut her pie hole and relax for once in her life. I really didn't care for Fiona most of the time especially when she's totally avoiding and running away from Bea who just wanted to be her friend knowing she was unique like her. Apparently, Transparent is a standalone so you don't have to worry about a cliffhanger, or finding out if Fiona, Lauren, & Seth get their HEA.***An electronic ARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for an honest review. Thank you!* Published May 21st 2013 by HarperTeen