The Lives We Lost - Megan Crewe *Genre* YA Apocalypse*Rating* 3-3.5*Full Review Shortly*The Lives We Lost, the middle story in the three part trilogy, actually takes place two weeks after The Way We Fall. Lives have been changed, people are dying en masse, and a surprise find by Kaelyn in her father's lab brings a bit of clarity to what she needs to do in order to save her group of survivors as well as anyone else left alive.I think this book is a more realistic take on the struggles of Kaelyn Weber and her crew that includes Gavriel Reilly, her best friend Leo who escaped from NYC, Tessa Freedman, & Kaelyn's cousin Meredith as well as a new addition to the group Tobias who rescues them off their island in the nick of time.The virus has spread throughout the world to the point of being a pandemic. Survivors are doing what they needed to do in order to survive. Some join groups that are friendly towards Kaelyn and crew while others are ants marching to the beat of a different drum and what want Kaelyn has in her possession; the possible cure to the virus.You could say that there wasn't a lot of action and you would be mostly right. However, the story takes place in the middle of winter in Canada. I'm sure Canadians will tell you this themselves, but, it gets cold, and they get a SHIT load of snow that hampers Kaelyn's group to the point where they find themselves holed up in various shelters along the way for extended periods of time. They are also being chased across several provinces by a band of ruffians and finally end up in Toronto where reality hits two of their members.I will be reading the final book in this trilogy, The Worlds We Make, when it releases in early 2014 since the next leg of Kaelyn's journey is fraught with danger and possibilities on their journey to find a scientist willing to help them recreate the cure for everyone, not just the greedy few. I can only hope that all the important players find a way of staying alive until the very end.Published February 12th 2013 by Disney Hyperion