The Girl with the Iron Touch - Kathryn Smith *Genre* Steampunk*Rating* 3.5-4*First thoughts*Finally we get a peek into the mind of Emily O'Brien the groups Technomancer. We get to see how much of a badass she really is when it comes to having the ability to control machines, as well as having organites in her body that allow her to heal nearly anything. We also get to finally see that Emily and Sam definitely belong together and they both realize it with unfettered passion. Sam is very protective of Emily as well and would do almost anything for her. We also get a bigger look at Jack Dandy who is surprisingly, around a lot and helps when Emily is taken by Garibaldi's animations. He also drops his guard enough to know that there is way more than meets the eye test when it comes to who Jack really is and he also opens his door to the newest member to the story, Mila aka Endeavor 312. I actually liked Mila's participation in this story. I liked how she readily made friends with Emily and the group. She's definitely a force to be reckoned with.We've known it was coming, but, it's nice to finally see Finley and Griffin get over their inability to express themselves and finally take the next step. Yes, that step! I would say that the book mostly focused on their relationship, but that wouldn't be the whole truth.Jasper and Wildcat (Cat) have something going on in the background that isn't explained and it will be interested to see if Cross explorers their relationship in book # 4 which, of course, doesn't have a title or release date as of yet. We do know by Cross's Twitter feed that she is working on the next installment.As for the ending of the book, it was pretty much as expected, yet the story isn't finished. According to reports, this is a 5 book series and thus there is a whole lot more that can be explored.*Recvd via Netgalley 03/03/2013* Expected publication: May 28th 2013 by Harlequin TEEN