Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3-3.5-4 Teetering at the moment.*First Thoughts*Finale, the last book in the Hush, Hush series, begins right where Silence left off. Newly turned Nephil Nora Gray has become the De facto leader of the Nephilim and, along with Fallen Angel Patch Cipriano, has to try to figure out a way of ending the brewing war between the Nephilim and the Fallen before the coming of Cheshvan. Nora also has to figure out a way to keep her promise to the Archangels who helped her with Hank Millar as well as her own oath that would lead to her, and her mothers death if she fails to adhere to it. Not an easy task when you have loathsome character like Dante Matterazzi as her second in charge.There are, of course, more than a few surprises including Vee, Scott, and Dante. It was obvious, if you read my updates, that Dante was a worm who would betray his own mother if it suited his plans. I was actually surprised, but, not shocked at Vee's revelation. The one character who has stood by Nora since she was a child, Scott, has probably the worse luck of any character. I had high hopes for Scott and Vee to find a way to be together and find happiness.What's interesting about Finale, is that I didn't find Nora boring and emotionally overbearing. She has a tough job of trying to keep all sides happy while looking for away out of a very dangerous predicament. Thankfully, Patch hasn't gone anywhere, and stands by Nora no matter who may or may not like that idea.Since there are thousands of thoughts and review on this book, I shall attempt to keep mine short. I didn't understand the necessity of having a fourth book in this series. I felt the whole thing could have been wrapped up in three books. However, Fitzpatrick obviously fell into the Cassandra Claire lure of saying she's done with a series, only to write more books. Understandably, I was worried that the war between the Nephilim and Fallen would be quick and not enough action to appease my blood thirsty alter ego. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the ending of this book. I didn't even mind the Epilogue with Vee. I was also worried that my favorite characters wouldn't make it until the end. I was right on that part. So, in the end, Finale kept me entertained to the end and really didn't lose me at any point. For that reason alone, I'm wavering on my overall rating for this book. Published October 23rd 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers