Chosen at Nightfall - C.C. Hunter *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.0*Thoughts*So, the Shadow Falls series finally comes to an end. I'm kind of disappointed with the ending actually. I mean, yeah, I knew that Kylie would finally choose between Lucas and Derek, both of whom have lied and deceived her, one even slept with someone else, yet they both claim to love Kylie or be her soul mate! Let me state emphatically for the record that I wasn't totally surprised by her choice. How could it be when they've known each other since they were kids and yet another character comes along to sway the other candidate?I knew the final battle between Kylie and Mario was finally going to come to a head in this book ::snore:: It was more like background noise that really fizzled to the point where I was like, what, that's all we get? 380 pages went by before a final resolution was offered and Kylie pretty much stumbled into danger without any sort of backup. Of course, we had to also deal with the fact that Kylie's mother fell hook line and sinker into Mario's trap and needed to be saved. The story spent not nearly enough time with Kylie's chameleon family for my liking. I mean seriously, it was like it never actually happened so what was the point of Kylie leaving Shadow Falls to learn more about her family and her abilities? I did find the whole thing between Kylie and her own mother interesting as well as the reunion with Kylie's father. Kind of a wake up call for her mother to realize that things are exactly what they seem and her daughter is right smack in the middle of all of it. For me, the more delightful aspect of this story and series has been Holiday and Burnett and the fact that I adore them to pieces. I loved the fact that they've put a bunch on nonsense behind them and actually make a fantastic couple. I didn't read the novella Shadow at Sunrise, so, I don't know all the background of what actually happened between Della and Steve. All I do know is that Della is a hard character to understand and to like. Miranda didn't get much time in this book either. Apparently she's now happy with her relationship and that's all that matters.In the long run, Chosen at Nightfall was a pretty mediocre ending to a series. Published April 23rd 2013 by St. Martin's Press