Graveyard Child (Black Sun's Daughter) - M.L.N. Hanover *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3-3.5*Thoughts/Series Summary*If you've read any of the previous novels in The Black Sun's Daughter series, you know that Jayné (Zayne) Heller is something of a unusual heroine. She just happens to be a demon hunter who travels the country hunting riders while being possessed by one (Black Sun's Daughter). She's been left a wealth of money, information, and a lawyer at the tip of her fingers by an Uncle (Eric) that was as secretive and dangerous as they come and may have done some fairly repugnant things that have never been fully explained nor revealed until now.She's discovered a group known as the Invisible College, a group that was thought to have been evil, and responsible for Eric's death, and later disbanded after Jayné killed their leader in Unclean Spirits. They make a not so surprising return engagement in Graveyard Child with some startling truths about Jayné and her past and a previous unknown uber demon known as The Graveyard Child and its connection to Jayné's own mother. You also know that she and her friends Chogyi Jake and Xavier (Ex) have been searching through Uncle Eric's records all over the world for answers to her abilities and her own missing 2 days when she turned Sixteen, including the mysterious tattoo that she wears. Aubrey & Kim, the other members of Jayné's research team, don't necessarily add anything to the overall storyline, but nonetheless, I would be remiss in not mentioning them. I would also be remiss by mentioning that Chogyi and Ex have become Jayné inner circle and family as it were. There's a hint of a romance but nothing that stands out and shouts AHA! They're together!In Graveyard Child, MLN Hanover finally exposes a bunch of truths about Jayné that will leave you wondering if this is actually the last book in the series. If so, it would not surprise me since everything from Jayné family secrets, to her own reason(s) for being, to Uncle Eric's actions and who he really was, are revealed. The only real question remains whether or not Jayné remains connected with the Black Sun's Daughter or not and how that will affect her further exploits and reasons for being.The surprising thing that comes from this release is that her parents, including her father, weren't necessarily as difficult or harsh as Jayné had previous indicated. Yes, they are uber religious and live in a community that fully embraces religion as a way of life and demanded full compliance from their children which Jayné avoided by leaving and going to college. But, whose parent's don't sometimes step over the line in going a bit too far in protecting them from the outside world? We get to see a reunion of sorts between Jayné and her brothers Jason, and Curtis whom has stayed in contact with Jayné against their fathers wishes since she picked up Eric's legacy.In the end, I'm nothing but feeble in my desire for this series not to end with this book. I know I bitch and moan when series drags on, but, there is a ton of ways for this series to continue, and I need to know is about the fate of The Black Sun's Daughter and whether or not Jayné survives its exorcism. Published: April 30th 2013 by Pocket Books