Hidden - Marianne Curley *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 2.5*Thoughts*Hidden is the first book of any kind that I've read by Australian author Marianne Curley. Unfortunately, because of missing letters that you had to guess what word the author was trying to put forth, it just didn't hold my attention or my interest until near the end of the book when the story found true conflict and hard choices.I probably won't be reading the sequel (Broken) unless I can get ahold of a finished copy that has gone through several phases of editing first to ensure that this sort of hot mess doesn’t happen again. Notice, I am not attacking the author. Just the lack of editing!16 year old Ebony Hawkins is one of the main characters of Hidden alongside 16 year old Jordan Blake. Even though they come from different walks of life, it doesn’t take much for neither of them to feel an immediate connection with the other which I loath to call Insta-love. Of course, since this is young adult, apparently authors are expected to throw two characters together without much interaction to ensure that they really belong together and thus are SOUL mates.Ebony is a bit different from her classmates in that she has violet eyes along with Red Hair with Golden Highlights and she has led a sheltered life in an environment rich in mystery and secrets. She's apparently faster, stronger, smarter, albeit clueless when it comes to the world around her and her own origins. It’s only when she realizes that she is going through some sort of transition that she begins to wonder what is wrong with her and demands answers from her parental units yet refuses to acknowledge that what they say is the entire truth. When she goes on her own sort of journey of self-awareness, trying to find out why her parents are so secretive about her birth, she is stunned to learn that he entire life has been one big fat lie and there are inherent dangers to asking so many questions. I guess you could say that Ebony is a character that has to see things to believe them. You just can’t tell her a story and expect her to jump up and down and say HELL YES! I understand now!Jordan is a character that you will either like, or hate. I actually preferred Jordan’s story to Ebony’s. I felt a connection with Jordan in that things weren’t exactly easy for him as he sailed down the road of life, whereas Jordan was given a near perfect life and everything she could ever want or need. He’s had numerous detours and ends up being put in a precarious position after he nearly dies after being attacked. His real choices are limited; help Nathaniel find a lost Angel, or perish. I liked how Jordan goes through some tough situations including learning about Ebony’s real identity and her supposed path. As for important secondary characters, you need only to focus your attention on Nathaniel, aka Thane who outshines both Jordan and Ebony in the story and Amber Lang who is Ebony’s best friend but appears almost everywhere Ebony happens to be.I rated Hidden low and it’s not because of the world building or the story itself or the fact that the main character is an atheist who doesn’t believe in angels or the thereafter and she to have things shoved in her face full bore in order to believe what’s right in front of her. I just couldn’t get past the lack of editing and spell checking or the fact that once again we have a 3 way twist-a-thon that really didn’t need to be there. Obviously, my opinion is my own, and not based on the fact that any monetary encouragement was sent to me via the publisher or author.*Recvd via NetGalley 05/09/2013* Expected publication: June 25th 2013 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens