Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch *Genre* Science Fiction-y*Rating* 4.0*Thoughts* "Welcome to My Super Secret Life, where people try to kill us on a regular basis, and we thwart bad guy schemes for breakfast. We're almost like a reality show, only without the alcohol and hot tubs." Pg 201Alien Diplomacy is once again filled with Kitty-ism and trouble at each and every turn for Kitty and her group of rag tag friends and family which seems to grow by the story. Things have definitely changed over the course of this series for Kitty and her husband Jeff Martini, but not in the way that they love each other deeply, especially in the smexy arena. Yes, there's still a bit of jealously still on Jeff's part, but, he's come a long way baby from when he was first introduced.In less than 3 months, they've become head diplomats for the Centurion Divisions Diplomatic Corp in Washington, DC, while Kitty is being "forced" into taking classes like Washington Wife Training, Diplomacy for Beginners, and Mommy and Me while also dealing with the constant threats on her, and Jamie Katherine (Jamie Kat) her 3 month old baby. Not everyone is trustworthy. Not everyone is an enemy. The one thing that hasn't changed is that the CIA still wants the Alpha Centaurion's (A-C's) to be part of their War Division and only Kitty's best friend Chuckie stands in the way from that happening.Embassy life is different change of pace for Kitty, Jeff, and Christopher. They've each stepped away from their previous positions of saving the world from super-beings & solders, and moving into the Alpha Centaurion's embassy where life is supposed to be a much slower pace. Yet, it's not all that boring or uninteresting because there are still people out there who very much want Kitty & her baby dead because of Kitty's own actions against the super bugs and megalomaniacs who wanted to take over the world.Kitty is still coming to gripes with her own mutated changes as well since having Jamie-Kat. She now has hyper-speed, faster healing & regeneration, improved vision, and super strength which all come in handy at one time or another. The one thing that hasn't changed for Kitty is her partnership with Richard White, the former Pontifex of the A-C's. I love the way Kathy and Rick work together.In the end, I would definitely say that you should take things with a grain of salt when reading this book and DON'T expect it to sudden wrap things up without a bit of a surprise ending, especially when the revelation of who the actual bad guys really are. This is a book that is filled with action, suspense, humor, danger, some interesting song choices by Kitty, and above all, the realization by Kitty, Jeff, and Christopher that sometimes it's necessary to have others to rely on you and support you and back you up without having to do everything all by yourselves. Onward and upward to the next book!Released: April 3rd 2012 by DAW