Alien in the House - Gini Koch *Genre* Science Fiction*Rating* 3-3.5*Fast Summary*Alien in the House, aka Operation Sherlock, once again throws Kitty & Gang into the middle of a firestorm that has political ramifications for the Alpha Centaurions. I do have to say that I really loved the arrival of Princess Rahmi & Rhee from Beta Twelve and hope they stick around so they can help Kitty survive and kick ass. Another new character is Raj, a troubadour, who immediately becomes apart of the team and someone Kitty can team up with very easily. Not that there was anything wrong with Richard and Kitty being teammates. It's just nice to see other characters get the spotlight shined on them as well. Can I also say that I love Uncle Dingo and Surly Vic? Guess so since this is my review! I also like Malcolm Buchanan who as become Kitty's protector when the Uncles aren't around. I'm currently debating my rating which is why this is not a full review but a partial one. The overall Mastermind is still hidden from view and is still out to get Kitty who is number one on his/her hit parade. There are a bunch of other apprentices, including some who apparently never die, that are still around causing Kitty problems. I also want to know the deal with ACE who has been around and apparently is worn out and needs a break. What I really like about this series is that it moves ahead in time 6 months at a time. Unlike other series which apparently take place over the course of days, and weeks, this makes more sense. It also gives Jamie-Kat time to grow up and reveal what her apparently awesome powers really are.I shall definitely be reading Alien Research when it releases in December 2013.*Recvd 04/04/2013* Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by DAW