Awaken - Meg Cabot *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.0-3.5*Thoughts*Awaken closes out the Abandon Trilogy in a nice tidy little bow without too many questions left to be answered. In fairness, however, there is (1) important question that I really would like answers to and I'm hoping that Ms Cabot finds a way to answer mine and Pierce's question: Why does Pierce's necklace turn purple whenever she's around Kayla?I'm pretty sure others haven't mentioned this little tidbit, but, this happens when I take copious notes and actually pay attention while reading and not just charge ahead like a rhino in a grocery story. Will we see another novella in the future that will explain this? Guess we shall have to wait and find out. In the meantime....If you plan on reading the Abandon Trilogy in the future, my suggestion is that you start with Abandon, slide directly into Underworld, and then top it off with Awaken since the entire Trilogy is one huge continuous plot line without any sort of major interruptions. Yes, there are a few additional new characters added to Awaken, and they each play important roles in the continued smooth flow of the Underworld as well as add another layer to the story itself.The opening of Awaken puts the Kibosh on Pierce's and John's mini skirmish that ended Underworld. In Awaken, Pierce is busy trying to save John from a permanent death, save the Underworld from the Furies who are causing major chaos, save her cousin Alex who was brought back from the dead by John, and her friend Kayla who got dragged into the Underworld to save her life, while trying to right a balance in the Underworld that was set adrift at sea by John's actions in saving Alex. On top of all this, she finally realizes that her angst ridden fight with John was a whole lot of nothing that could have been fixed by talking things over and saying three little words.You are asking yourself, yes, but what about Pierce as a character and what about her growth? Pierce has definitely come a long way from the first book when it seems that the whole world was out to get her which wasn't far from the truth. She understands now that if she wants a commitment with John that she has to give up certain things while remaining in the Underworld as its Queen. She is definitely more of a take charge character than the previous books and makes some interesting choices and decisions along the way. She learns how to use a whip and her necklace against the Furies, including her Grandmother, who are relentless in their pursuit of what they call abominations. There are some abstract story-lines added as well as an expected, I think, ending to the trilogy itself. There is the arrival, briefly, of Thanatos the death deity who I thought would have made a brilliant member of Pierce's team against the Furies or at least an antagonist that she would have to deal with more than just once. There's the fact that Pierce's parents are actually together in this story which I found pleasantly surprising as well as a sort of comic relief. Then there is the relationship between Pierce and John and what readers can guess will happen to them in the future. In all, Awaken was pretty much what I expected from a Cabot written book. The story was fast pace. The plot lines were wrapped up quite nicely, and above all, there was no freaking 3 way love triangles which I want to send a personal note of congratulations to Ms Cabot herself!*Recvd via Netgalley 05/06/2013* Expected publication: July 2nd 2013 by Point/Scholastic