Celebromancy  - Michael R. Underwood *Genre* Speculative Fiction*Rating* 3-3.5*Thoughts*After reading Geekomancy last year, I knew I was going to jump at my chance to read Celebromancy its sequel. Celebromancy actually takes place 6 months after the end of Geekomancy. Our kickass heroine, Ree Reyes, is a Geekomancer, or, one who draws powers from Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. She's a pretty powerful Geekomancer in that she understands how to use Genre emulation to her benefit. I personally love the fact that she has a light-saber as part of her arsenal and is friends with a Steampunk inventor named Eastwood who even has his own flying machine.After her not so subtle break up with her mentor Eastwood, (see Geekomancy), Ree has finally done something promising by writing a screen play called Awakenings while learning how to manage her abilities and learning more about the world of magic that surrounds her. She also tends bar and waits tables at Grognards Games & Grog while saving the innocent from evil. Celebromancy actually centers around an actress named Jane Konrad who becomes really close with Ree over the course of this story while searching for a way to gain control of the Sweetheart mantle from her nemesis Rachel MacKenzie. It is Jane and her Director friend Yancy who tries to give Ree a chance at once in a lifetime stardom by producing Awakenings and hoping that a TV executive will come along and pick it up. It was kind of cute seeing how excited Ree was about getting her own movie set chair with her name and title on it.Celebromancy is filled with action and adventure and mischief at each and every turn. Ree has absolutely become a fantastic heroine with a snarky attitude who has kept her Geekomancy powers away from her best friends known as the Rhyming Ladies. Underwood pretty much exposes who the bad buy is and you had no problem figuring out why this person was after Jane and why Ree is called Lady Geekomancer and her gang of Scoobies. I also loved the various beasts that were sent after Ree and Jane like a Dragon, Orcs, and Planet of the Apes Apes. While I really enjoyed this story, there was a special part of Geekomancy that was never solved, and that mystery is the whereabouts of Ree's mother and what she and Eastwood are going to do about retrieving her. I would definitely say that it would benefit readers to go back to Geekomancy and then continue to Celebromancy. Personally, I look forward to seeing yet another release in this series in the near future.*Recvd via Edelweiss 04/17/2013* Expected publication: July 15th 2013 by Pocket Star