Boyfriend from Hell - Jamie Quaid *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3.0*Thoughts*Boyfriend from Hell is the first book in the Saturn's Daughters series featuring Justine "Tina" Clancy. This book is very unusual, and different from anything I've read before. The heroine is a wannabe lawyer who is nearly finished with law school when she "accidentally" sends her boyfriend Max MacNeill's soul straight to hell after he tries to run her over using her car and has to figure out a how to get him back.Tina is also different in that her heritage is Middle Eastern and her mother has since joined the Peace Corps and is living in Bolivia after moving around the country for most her Tina's life. She's never fully explained to Tina what her TRUE heritage was in that she's a direct descendant of Themis the Greek Goddess of divine order, law, and custom. Also, known as Saturn's Daughters. All Tina has ever wanted to do is get her law degree, take the bar exam, and open a practice where she can defend the downtrodden and people left out in the dark. That's not the only thing that's different about Tina. She was thought to have been crippled for life when she was tossed down the stairs by an overbearing police officer, and walks with a pronounced gait. She works in a toxic area of Baltimore, Maryland known as the Zone doing bookkeeping for Andre LeGrande. The Zone is area that most normal people avoid, but Tina finds her calling there when she discovers that she can actually make a difference in people's lives by meting out justice to those who would take advantage of the people living in the Zone. Tina also is surprised to learn that each time she uses her abilities, she gains something new like the ability to walk again. But, she also understands that using her abilities for personal gain, leads her straight down the path to Hell.Boyfriend from Hell took awhile for me to get into and still left a bunch of unanswered questions. I would have enjoyed seeing Artemis show up and explain things to Tina instead of communication via Facebook or mysterious notes. I would have preferred more of an explanation of why Saturn's Daughters seem to burn out and fade away once they turn 28 if they overuse their abilities. As for the secondary characters, all you really need to know is that Andre is the man of mystery who obviously takes an extreme interest in Tina. I think Andre and Tina would make an interesting couple when all is said and done, and I'm looking forward to reading Damn Him to Hell shortly. I also liked Cora Isabel, and Detective Leo Schwartz who make a very great team.Boyfriend from Hell was kindly provided to me by Pocket Books through Edelweiss. I apologize to the publisher and author for taking so long to read and review this book. Thank you.Published September 25th 2012 by Pocket Books