Damn Him to Hell (Saturn's Daughter) - Jamie Quaid *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 2.5-3*Thoughts*Damn Him to Hell is a total let down from Boyfriend from Hell. The constant repetitiveness regarding the fact that Tina Clancy is a lawyer, was ridiculous. Yes, we get that you graduated from law school and are now working as a clerk for a judge. Yes, we know that you didn't have a normal upbringing because of your activist mother. Yes, we know that you now have some wacky powers that supposedly come via your grandmother Themis and Saturn. We also get that your bobcat is growing up faster than you can imagine and you need a bigger carrying case. IT's A DAMN CAT!! That is what they do! Especially bobcats!The story totally lost its focus and was discombobulated at times. The so called romance between Andre and Tina fizzled out and now apparently she wants a booty call with someone else. Then there is the Max/Dane situation that needs to be wrapped up soon. I think the only interesting part of this story was when ACME unleashed a pink cloud on the residents of the Zone and the subsequent revelation that demons may in fact, be real and in league with certain factions at Acme, and that the pink cloud may actually help people. Tina obviously has a bunch of moral problems she has to contend with being a so called Daughter of Saturn. She continually explores the limits of her powers, while trying not to damn her own soul to Hell in the process. Here is the moral of the story: If Tina uses her powers for good, she is rewarded with things like new teeth, or a leg that was once mangled, ends up fixed. I'm not speaking for anyone else, but, I am tired of hearing about her hair. Yes, we get it. You have beautiful, long, strong, hair that came from damning someone to hell! Next!Here's hoping that Quaid's next installment in the Saturn's Daughter series, returns to the fun that was Boyfriend from Hell. Here's hoping that instead of Tina talking about sex, that she actually gets a booty call. Here's hoping we don't have to hear about her hair, her teeth, her leg, her cat, or the fact that she's a lawyer. The horse has been effectively killed and buried. Move on please!*Recv'd via Edelweiss 04/26/2013* Published Published June 25th 2013 by Pocket Books