Stranded - Alex Kava *Genre* Murder, Mystery*Rating* 3.0*Thoughts*I'm normally a fan of the FBI Special Agents Maggie O’Dell series, but this book felt kind of like a bridge to something else. If you haven't read this series yet, you will absolutely positively be lost. I would say that the least you could do is read Fireproof since Stranded ties into that book in that the killer is still stalking and playing games with Maggie. Maggie and her partner R.J. Tully have become part of the FBI's Highway Serial Killing Initiative Task force along with Detective Julia Racine, and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Gwen Patterson. The goal is basically to bring attention to the fact that there may be serial killers targeting those who use the interstate highway systems rest areas for their own personal gain. This alone, gave me pause knowing that I've driven from Florida to New York on more than 10 occasions and have been alone each and every single time.Maggie and RJ end up outside Sioux City, Iowa where they've been led to by an unknown serial killer obsessed with Maggie known only as Jack. If you've read Fireproof, you know that Maggie's house was nearly burned to the ground, and later she finds a map of that was left behind under a rock for her to find. Thus, why Maggie and RJ are in Iowa following up on leads and possible dumping grounds. They also end up in Kansas, Florida, and Alabama where the story comes to a abrupt climax.I will honestly say that I like Maggie and Rj's partnership. I think they've become closer as friends as well and they know the others's quirks and that Maggie holds a plethora of unusual information locked into her brain after 10 years with the FBI. I also enjoyed the arrival of Ryder Creed who owns and operates a canine cadaver search team and has a few quirks of his own. I especially loved Grace who stole the show away from everyone! I was, however, a bit puzzled & disappointed in that Kava didn't give Maggie a brief interlude knowing that Maggie really needs someone in her life right now, and I don't mean as just a friend like Benjamin Platt.I was also rather surprised at how short this book is. Although there are are 75 chapters and the book takes place over the course of a week, I would have preferred to see a showdown between Maggie and the serial killer instead of another character. I would hope that Kava would consider keeping Ryder around for more than a book, but, knowing her track record when it comes to Maggie's love life, I don't see that happening.The book ends on a very abrupt and personal cliffhanger for one of the characters that. The outcome of which, obviously, will continue in the next installment in this series. Let's just say that I hope Kava doesn't ruin a good thing with characters I've grown to like.*Recvd via Edelweiss 05/06/2013* Expected publication: July 16th 2013 by Doubleday