Mist - Susan Krinard *Genre* Urban Fantasy with Norse Mythology*Rating* 3.0*Thoughts*Mist is the story about an orphan who later became the immortal Valkyrie halfling named Mist Bjorgsen. Mist, along with her Valkyrie sisters, was given an important job of protecting valuable treasures by Odin before Ragnarok was supposed to descend on the Norse Gods. Mist's job is to protect Gungnir, the spear that can never miss its mark, a job she fails at which causes consternation and fits and starts along the way.Mist is an interesting character in that she's basically clueless to her heritage and has given up on any hope that any Gods survived. She's taken up a mostly mortal existence, moving onward when people start to wonder why she's not aging while also fighting for justice in battles like World War II. She is surprised & attacked by a frost giant (Jotunn) who was thought to be extinct, but somehow, they are now living in San Francisco where she's spent the past 50 years right under her nose. Mist is also stunned to learn that she's more powerful than she could have imagined since she's the daughter of Freya the Goddess of love & desire which gives her abilities and magic that can be used to defeat her nemesis if she can learn to control it. The main antagonist of this story is Loki, son of giants, and Odin's brother better known as the Trickster god. Loki apparently has some bones to pick with Freya, to the point where he's willing to turn Midgard into a battle ground in order to get his version of the perfect world. Along the way, he deceives Mist into believing he is a mortal named Eric who she spends 6 months with, and pilfers said spear while trying to locate Mist's sisters and the rest of the treasures they protect. Of all the characters introduced, Loki is the only one that isn't trying to be someone he's not. He's a trickster God. He plays people, he uses people, he blackmails them by pretending to be various men, and women, and sometimes other beings in order to control them. He has a straight forward goal, and doesn't care who stands in his way of ultimate victory. The third character in this merry-go-round of a story is Dainn Faithbreaker, an elf who was banished and cursed by Odin after he betrayed the Aesir. He's also known as the Elf that started Ragnarok and was supposed to be killed by Thor. Later, Dainn is given a second chance by Freya as a way to gain access to Mist who she needs in order to cross over into Midgard. I really didn't much care for Dainn, except for the part where he was cursed, and has a uncontrollable beast that is dying to get out. I didn't like the fact that at no point in this book did he feel the need to speak up and tell Mist the truth about Freya's intentions. He and Loki have a past, which also, in my opinion, makes him truly untrustworthy. One can only hope that Mist wakes up and smells the coffee before Dainn leads her down the wrong path. Overall, I liked the concept behind Mist and will most likely be continuing on with this series since the book has left a plethora of possibilities that needs to be explained, sorted out, and tied up. The heroine has unusual upbringing which she didn't really understand until Dainn's arrival. Mist has some issues as well. She's too trusting in people. She gets into things she doesn't understand, and she is absolutely clueless about her mothers (Freya) intentions towards her. She can be a powerful heroine if she just trusts in herself, and keeps everyone else at arms length. I am interested in the possibilities of a reunion between Mist and her Valkyrie sisters in order to stop Loki's machinations. Macmillan-Tor/Forge ARC received via NetGalley 05/29/2013 *Expected publication July 16, 2013