Club Monstrosity - Jesse Petersen *Genre* Urban Fantasy, Off Cut Humor*Rating* 3-3.5*Thoughts*Imagine, if you will, that there are actual monsters made famous by B movies, who actually live in NYC. Imagine that these "monsters" meet on a regular basis in a church (Holy Heart Church) of all places in order to hash out a way to resolve their issues while living among humans and keeping their true identities a secret and counting the number of days it has been since humanity discovered that they really do exist. Imagine not only that Dracula exists, (he who truly believes that shiny vampires are an embarrassment but goes nowhere without a $600 smart phone), but that Frankenstein's Monster (Natalie Gray), The Mummy (Kai), The Swamp Thing (Linda), The Werewolf (Alex Dunham), Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, Bob the Blob, and Ellis The Invisible Man also existed.This is the premise for Club Monstrosity a new series by Jesse Peterson, the author who brought us the Living with The Dead series which is an off beat comedy series that featured the end of the world thanks to a zombie implosion and a couple who learns quickly how to become zombie hunters in order to survive the apocalypse.I would have to say that Club Monstrosity is an entertaining story in that the Monstofelldosis Anonymous group members are about as dysfunctional as they come but are thrown together into a protective mode when it appears that an enemy from the past has resumed hunting monsters in such a way that they die exactly as they did in THE STORY that brought them to life. If you really want to get into the story, you really can find out ways in which the so called monsters were actually killed off in the original stories.Club Monstrosity is the first book in a two book series with The Monsters in Your Neighborhood being the sequel. I will say this, the book really does focus more on Natalie, Alex, and Kai than any other characters that are introduced but nobody is actually left out of the story itself. There is a definite feel of a romantic interlude between Nataie and Alex, and apparently this continues into the next book as well. Natalie is by far the most likable character because she isn't a fashionista, or a Mary Sue who hides behind others. Releases: April 29th 2013 by Pocket Star