Tidal - Amanda Hocking *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 2.5-3*My Thoughts*"Thou shalt not suffer a SIREN to live." Tidal is the third novel in the Watersong series. After the events of Lullaby, Penn, and Lexi really want to bring an end to Gemma Fisher and create yet another immortal siren sister that they can use, and abuse, and play with, and hope that she has absolutely no free will of her own unlike Gemma, and survives a long time unlike her previous descendants Gia and Aggie.The only sister not onboard with the whole Kill Gemma issue, seems to be Thea the older sister who has seen her share of violence and deaths, and is tired of it all and may be Gemma's only hope in finding a way to reverse the siren process. Yes, I like Thea. I liked that Hocking got away from all the borish Harper & Gemma whine fest and showed a little about her past including how one of her sisters was killed by an overbearing Penn.Meanwhile, Gemma and Harper Fisher are still trying to figure out a way to find a certain scroll that is supposed to be a way for Gemma to return to being plan Jane Human again without dying in the process. On top of this, Harper has become decidedly undecided about going away to college because she apparently doesn't trust anyone other than herself to help Gemma. Gemma realistically could just give in and say the hell with it. Being an immortal siren and living forever would be totally cool with me. So what that I have to kill a person and eat their heart so that she doesn't shrivel up and die. The upside is that she will remain beautiful, with perfect skin, and hair, and can swim any ocean, any place on the planet. So what she has to leave her borish, possessive older sister behind to whine about the unfairness of the whole thing.Gemma's action IE towards Alex has had a boomerang affect. He is a total train wreck waiting to happen, and it's all Gemma's fault for interfering in his life. There is a reason for freedom of choice my dear. You let them make the decision whether to follow you to their death, or back away and run like wild fire as far away from you as they can. You can't mess with people's minds without suffering from the consequences. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, I had high hopes for you at one point in this series. But, after Tidal, I reserve the right to hate you until the end of my days, which sir, if I keep reading this series, may be sooner, rather than later. You are a liar sir. You need to speak up and grow a pair of brass balls and tell Harper about your stupid decision that you made behind her back, and now act like there's absolutely nothing in the world that's wrong. Like it's not absolutely apparent that you are going to be used as nothing more than a male sex toy. It's nice to finally understand why you are not affected by the siren call, but I digress, you need to man up and pretend that you actually care about Harper.So, apparently, Elegy is the final novel in this Quadrology and it is 542 pages long. Not sure I understand the reasoning behind that, but, hopefully it won't be 500 pages of song and dance, and 42 pages of actual questions, and answers, and maybe a few surprises. Can't wait...YAY! ::snort::Released: April 16th 2013 by St. Martin's Griffin