Last Blood - Kristen Painter *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*If you somehow managed not to lose your sanity after reading the cliffhanger ending to Out for Blood, then you can definitely manage to read Last Blood without tearing out every single follicle of what remains of your hair. The House of Comarré series comes to a satisfying ending with Chrysabelle and Malkolm starting off on different sides of the spectrum thanks to a raptor fae removing Mal's emotional attachment to Chrysabelle and Chrysabelle doing everything she can to protect the life that now grows inside her even if that means ending Mal's life. Regardless of other characters involvement in this series, it is Chrysabelle's story to tell, and it is her future that is at stake along with that of her child, and her new found brother Damian. It is Chrysabelle who takes risk after risk and travels to places where she's not supposed to be in order to save her relationship and future with Mal.There is even a startling discovery about Chrysabelle's bloodline that left me wondering if we would ever see a spin-off of Chrysabelle & Mal's child. As readers of this series, we pretty much expected a HEA that would be satisfying since it would be totally wrong for Chrys and Mal to end up not together.Across the pond, Tatiana is devastated by what she believes is the death of her lover, and the shocking loss of baby Lilith to the Castus Sanguis. She absolutely blames Chrysabelle for everything that happened to her, and once again plots for her demise even if it means aligning herself with her former husband Malkolm. Tatiana may be the evil incarnate of the series, but she remained true to her cause right until the very end. I do have some reservations about the ending, but because I am not that picky or finicky, I am totally fine with what happened.Last Blood pretty much ties up each and every characters loose ends including Fiona (Fi) and Maddoc fight to save Fi after she defeated Haven in a death match. Thomas Creek association with the Kuba Mata who are supposed to be the force that keeps humanity save from the paranormals. As well as Mayor Lola Diaz-White who made a fateful decision in Out for Blood in order to gain custody of her granddaughter.If you can manage a plethora of various characters who all get a chance to tell their stories, then you will definitely enjoy the House of Comarre series. I would definitely recommend this series to those who are looking for something different since Painter creates an unusual world where in the future humans are unaware that they live side by side with vampires, fae, shifters, and other things that go bump in the night. Expected publication: July 30th 2013 by Orbit The fifth and final book of the House of Comarre series.