Poison - Bridget Zinn *Genre* Young Adult*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*In a way, this is a painful review for me to write knowing that the author has since passed on, and there won't be any more sequels unless the family somehow manages to do the impossible and finds another author to recreate the same wonderful world and characters that I've come to enjoy and love. It is sad because Bridget Zinn will never see the fruits of her hard earned labor in which she created a wonderful cast of characters like Kyra, Fred, Arianna, and Rosie the Pig. Poison is the story about 16 year old master potioner Kyra who as we learn, has been on the run for the past 3 months after failing to kill the heir to the Kingdom of Moha Princess Ariana which for her, is nearly impossible to do. This all happened because of a vision she had that prophesied the end of the kingdom under Ariana’s rule. Something Kyra refuses to allow it to happen.Along the way, she eludes capture by the King's guard who she trained with and picks up a tracking pig that is supposed to lead her to the actual whereabouts of Arianna so she can finish her job. She runs into a traveler/explorer named Fred who sees her in her underwear which was absolutely funny and got me all warm inside towards Fred. She also meets up with a witch who understands that Kyra is much more than just a simple grand potioner and with a little training, could be so much more.Poison is so much more than just Kyra’s journey to right a wrong, and avoid capture by those chasing her including her ex-fiancé Hal. It is also the beginning of a romance between Kyra and Hal. I love epic fantasy novels and those that aren’t as straight forward as you think. I love the twists and turns and the humor that is involved throughout the story.Sometimes it takes a novel like Poison to break you out of your reading funk. It is simplistic in nature, and the characters are all likable and the romance is definitely not pushed on readers in order to gain readers. Kyra is definitely a strong character and one that you can follow and not roll your eyes at her antics or misadventures. I will say that I will be recommending this story to anyone who will listen.Published March 12th 2013 by Disney Hyperion