Black City - Christina Henry *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Black City picks up right where Black Lement left off. Maddy has finally dispatched her father Azazel, only to find out that he's created a whole new type of vampire that can day-walk and they are determined to force Maddy's hand by attempting to take over Chicago. Maddy's own life has been thrown in the balance after losing the life of her life Gabriel and finding out that she's pregnant with his baby. Something that makes Lucifer giddy with anticipation. He's also backing her so far into a corner, that it will take a miracle for Maddy not to be fully at Lucifer's mercy.I think this book is a bit darker than the previous installments. Maddy finds a lot about her powers, and the darkness within her while breaking up the Scooby Gang including Jude, Samiel, and Beezle with her actions in saving Chicago from a horde of vampires led by Theron and trying to protect her unborn baby from Lucifer's manipulations. Lucifer has his claws into Maddy and he's not going to let loose anytime soon.From the first book, I really hated Nathaniel and his actions towards Maddy. Now, it appears that Henry has changed the play book and has pushed Maddy and Nathaniel together even though she clearly has feelings towards J.B. and is still dealing with Gabriel's loss. This book was all about Nathaniel sticking by Maddy like glue and not letting her go anywhere without him to help her out.If you happen to actually LIKE Nathaniel, then I think you are in for a pleasant surprise. We learn about his past and how he ended up with Lucifer, as well as who is actual father is. Did not see that coming!If I'm to understand correctly, there are only (2) more books left in this series. Let's hope this series goes out with a bang, and not a whimper. Black City leaves us with yet ANOTHER cliffhanger ending that will be picked up by Black Heart October 29th 2013.Released: February 26th 2013 by Ace