Prodigy - Marie Lu *Genre* YA Dystopian*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*Prodigy picks up pretty much where Legend ended. It has been 9 days since Day and June escaped Los Angeles and headed to Las Vegas on a train. Immediately upon getting to Las Vegas, they learn that Elector Primo has died. In exchange for the Patriots help under Razor, June and Day are told they must assassinate the new Elector, Anden. Truth is, Anden isn’t the man his father was and lines begin to blur on who exactly the bad guys and good guys are. This puts June in a difficult situation since she doesn't exactly trust what she's being told by Razor. Holy crap Marie, you just totally FLOORED me with the ending to Prodigy. First, with the whole revelation about Day's situation, and then with the whole (BAM upside your head not going to spoil it)!!!! I'm not sure I can handle the wait until Champion comes out later this year. (November 5, 2013). It pains me when I see the synopsis for the next book, knowing that somehow things are going to get even more interesting between Anden, June, and where it leaves Day in all this remains unresolved especially after his shocking news. At least I know that the characters and world building has improved tremendously and therefore I am eager to finish the series in hopes of a HEA.I desire to know what happened to Tess as well. It was an interesting twist that Marie wrote in regards to Tess and Day. I could totally see from Tess's prospective and about her feelings towards June. People have debated whether or not Day or June's POV was more interesting. I think this is a situation where I'm happy that there are TWO POV's instead of just one.Marie really puts you inside her characters shoes and makes you feel what they feel as things are quickly transforming from desperate to hopeful. I was really happy to see that Marie didn't let readers hang in regards to what happened to the US. I was happy to see things from the Colonies view and how different things are between the Republic and Colonies. I can only hope that we get a powerful ending to this trilogy. Published January 29th 2013 by Putnam Juvenile