The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey *Genre* YA Dystopian*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*"After the first wave, only darkness remains. After the second wave, only the lucky escape. After the third wave, only the unlucky survive. After the fourth wave, just one rule applies; trust no-one." I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The 5th Wave via a Blogger Hop and unfortunately, I put away my notes like a bumbling goofball instead of writing my review immediately upon completion. Thankfully, I keep all the notes of books I review. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Write your reviews as soon as possible!The 5th Wave is not a dystopian novel or a standalone novel. It is a post-apocalyptic/science fiction series that has creepy aliens and survivors like 16 year old Cassie who is one of the unlucky ones who actually survived the first four waves while losing both of her parents and watching her brother being taken away. I adored Cassie. She is consistent in trying to survive against all odds while being tough and gritty and sometimes, human with emotions for attachment to others. She makes a few mistakes along the way but that is to be expected when you have lived on your own and fear being picked off at every turn by roving aliens known as Silencers. She's trying to keep a promise to her younger brother that he won't be left behind, and that she will find him.The story is also told in several other KEY and important POV's. You have to have patience with the characters. There is zombie who we don't learn what his real name is until much later in the story, and Silencer who ends up attached to Cassie and later helps her as she tries to rescue and save her 6 year old brother, Sam. I definitely can see Yancey spending more time on all these characters, and maybe adding Zombies teammates in an effort to fight back against the aliens.Since I read this before much of the hype hit Goodreads, I was lucky enough not to be swayed by anyone's reviews. There are some good and bad things that happen in this book. I prefer to concentrate on the fact that this was one of the better novels I had read in 2013. I'm definitely eager to read the sequel whenever Yancey and Putnam are ready to release it.Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by Putnam Juvenile