Cinder - Marissa Meyer *Genre* YA Dystopian*Rating* 4.0*First Thoughts*I really enjoyed this remake of Cinderella set in a Dystopian age with a twist with a girl who was "created" to be a full service mechanic and cyborg. I loved the world building and didn't have any real complaints about learning what happened to the world (World War IV) and why countries are combined into 6 separate unions. I found myself rooting hard for Cinder to find happiness at the expense of her evil stepmother and sister who were just obnoxiously overbearing and mean spirited. I found myself loving Iko, Peony, and of course, Prince Kaito. It's interesting how the big reveal went about. We all knew going into this book/series that Cinder had to be someone of importance after all the series is called the Lunar Chronicles.We just didn't know important she was until Meyer put all the pieces together how much of a big deal Cinder really is and what the evil witch of the north, oh sorry wrong fairy tale. I meant to say, the evil bitch of Lunar would do in order to snuff her out of existence. I even liked Dr. Erland who even though he did some crummy things in the beginning, ended up being a major supporter of Cinders and helped her discover her true identity. As you are aware by now, I did a back to back read and found that you most definitely can and will enjoy this series more if you have a fresh idea of what you just read and not wait a year between releases. The writing of the review and the continuation of the series with Scarlet was highly entertaining.Published January 3rd 2012 by Feiwel & Friends