The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*"I was a monster who killed and preyed on human life; I could never escape that, but at least I could choose what kind of lives I took."The Eternity Cure begins (4) months after Allison Sekemoto left Eden and Zeke behind in an effort to find her sire Kanin who was taken by the sick and twisted Sarren. As a summary, we know that the plague wiped out most of humanity and twisted creatures called Rapids quickly moved in soon there after. We know that the majority of humanity lives within walled vampire cities where they are basically nothing more than blood bags in lieu of protection. We also know that Allie made a fateful decision to allow Kanin to transform her into a vampire to save her life from the Rapids and now lives every day with the understanding that she is fundamentally changed and is forced to feed on human blood in order to survive. I have so many emotions flowing through me right now after reading The Eternity Cure, that I needed some time to relax, calm down, and then write my full review. *Note* Having had WAY TOO much time to calm down, and relax, it is now time to write my review.So much happens over the course of The Eternity Cure that it gave me heart palpations. Kagawa really puts her characters through the ringer this time around most especially Kanin and Zeke. There are many dark & twisted things that happen to our characters that emotions will be flowing in all sorts of directions especially because of the way Kagawa ends her story.I would say that The Eternity Cure was better than The Immortal Rules, but that would be too vague and probably said a thousand times already. For those who haven't read the book yet, I hope you are more patient than I was. I was like a jack rabbit turning the pages as fast as I could on my Kindle in order to find out what happens to Allison Sekemoto, Zeke, Kanin, Jackal, and of course, Sarren. (Thankfully, I took copious amounts of notes so that I could go back and edit and fix my review as necessary.) Sarren totally gave me the creeps. He's insane in the membrane and extremely dangerous to everyone especially to Zeke. To say that this book is the ultimate test for Allie's sanity as well as what remains of her humanity, would be too broad of me to say. I liked Allie’s connection with Jackal. I liked the fact that Allie creates a reluctant alliance with her blood brother through continued bickering, quarreling, and endlessly showing that she’s not a bit of afraid of him. Although he’s a devious and cunning character, Jackal does have his moments of clarity, and hilarity especially when it comes to Zeke.I really found Allie’s journey to be well written and felt as though we were with her right there with her at the moment that she knew her humanity was gone, and therefore she needed to become the monster she was always afraid of becoming in order to defeat Sarren. Her relationship with Zeke is once again poignant and sweet but also extremely emotional. Zeke is more than Allie’s love interest. He’s a determined fighter who traveled from the safety of Eden in order to find Allie and help her.I am absolutely trembling with anticipation in an effort to find out what happens next in The Forever Song (2014). Kagawa tore my heart out with her brutal ending and left me nearly screaming my head off. *Recvd via Netgalley on 02/21/2013* *Expected publication: April 23rd 2013 by Harlequin Teen