Parallel - Lauren   Miller *Genre* Young Adult, Science Fiction*Rating* 3*My Thoughts*"What would you do if your past weren't your own anymore? If your future belonged to someone else?"Abby Barnes has had her entire life planned out step by step. She's going to Northwestern with hopes of graduating with a degree in jo1urnalism and landing a job at a major newspaper. She’s then hoping for a good job at a major newspaper. Funny how fate intervenes in life’s little decision making.Because of one simple decision, to take drama methods, instead of her choice of astronomy, Abby finds herself as an actress in LA. When an earthquake hits, Abby wakes up in a parallel universe where she is apparently attending Yale with her memories intact. This story isn’t Pivot Point where Abby has the choice of which paths she should take. This is a place where present can’t change the past, but the past creates the present. I am so unbelievably pissed at the ending of Parallel, that I could spit fire and brimstone! Are you kidding me by leaving the ending to this this book like you did and expect us to not scream or throw the book into a pile of burning garbage or not expect a sequel? I guess not since apparently there isn’t any plan for a sequel! :::deep breath:: Just when I was like finally, Abby made a smart choice between her two lovers, Miller totally stabs me in my chest and rips out my still beating heart out and stomps on its like nobody’s business.A bit melodramatic maybe? Perhaps. But, I really need to find a way to express this book without going all spoil-y on you. Parallel isn't necessarily a bad story overall. But, after reading Pivot Point a few months ago, the concept isn't new to me. I did like the idea of cosmic entanglement where worlds collide in a sort of interdimensional collision of sorts. Where Abby wakes up on a daily basis wondering what will change next and if her alternates choices are the right ones she's making while struggling with the idea of soul mates."Well-worn paths are boring," he said. "Embrace the detour." Quote from the ARC version of ParallelThe one constant that remained unchanged, even with a major blowout, is Abby's best friend Caitlin. I really liked Caitlin. I liked how she didn't totally blow Abby off when she started acting all strange and asking weird questions of her. I always enjoy when authors have best friends that experience the ups and downs of life but remain close anyway. I also enjoyed Abby's parents who apparently allowed Abby lots of flexibility in her choices because of her track record in school.Because I am a hater of all things 3 way love triangle, I struggled along with Abby in her decision making process as to who was best for her; Josh or Michael. The reason for my vitriolic spouting was that the ending was perfectly acceptable and she had just made a choice when Miller tore it all away and laughed at us straight to the bank.Let me state this for the possible critics of my review; I think that once you put the angst over the ending behind you, Parallel isn't that bad of a first novel. Miller definitely took the time and did some amazing research on theories and the idea of Parallel universes that collide as well as the idea of having alternate versions of your own self somewhere else in the universe. That being said, however, I still want more. I'm selfish in that regards.Publisher: Harper Teen (May 14, 2013)Length: 432 pages (Hardcover)Series: N/ASource: ARC (Provided by publisher via Edelweiss)Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Friendship, Romance