The Last Word  - Lisa Lutz *Genre* Mystery and HiJinks*Rating* 3-3.5*Thoughts*35 year old Private Investigator Isabel Spellman has her hands completely and utterly full in The Last Word. If you haven't yet read Trail of the Spellman's (Episode 5), I would suggest you go back and read it so that you understand the fallout from Isabel's hostile take over of Spellman Investigations and the implications it brings to the entire family.As a summary, Isabel has been working for her parents (Albert & Olivia) Private Investigation business since she was 12 years old. Without getting into it too much, Isabel has always been a party girl who enjoys drinking...a lot. She's had more than a few boyfriends including Detective Harry Stone. She's been arrested more than a handful of times because her antics usually backfire on her. Her own parent's are a wee bit eccentric as well and aren't afraid to let Izzy sink to the lowest lows before tossing her a lifeline.Yet, Izzy always seems to find the right angle to explore even when she's told to back off or she'll be terminated from her job. She's also the only Spellman offspring who is fully committed to her job as a Private Investigator. Her brother David quit being a full time lawyer to raise his daughter Sydney who is an absolute terror. Her younger sister Rae has just graduated from UC Berkeley and seems to have other ideas for her future which don't include long and insufferable stake-outs. The Spellman's also have two part time employees in Vivian, a college student, and Demetrius who was wrongfully convicted of something he didn't do and was exonerated by the Spellman's and David's wife Maggie.Once again, The Last Word isn't just about Izzy's struggles as the CEO of Spellman Investigations, or the fact that her new benefactor has Alzheimer's or that someone is out to ruin him and as well as Izzy and she needs to pull every resource together she has in order to lure the perpetrators out into the open. There are some tender moments as well as Izzy understands that her methods are a little far fetched and she can't treat family with disrespect and expect bygones. The Last Word is "apparently" the last book in The Spellman's series which I have been a faithful and loyal supporter and follower of since the release of The Spellman Files (2007). It's kind of sad to realize that there won't be any more hi-jinks from Isabel, Rae, David, Maggie, Demetrius, Albert or Olivia Spellman or even Henry trying to get Izzy to wake up before it's too late. It was nice of Ms Lutz to bring back Isabel's former best friend and co-conspirator Petra back to the series even for just a brief moment in time.The Last Word actually ends with Rae doing a wrap up which kind of surprised me since we've never really had her do any sort of story telling until now. Rae has always been a rather abrupt and one who doesn't care how far across the line she goes in order to get her way. I can only hope that Lutz doesn't spin off this series and have Rae as its star.The Series:1. The Spellman Files2. Curse of the Spellmans3. Revenge of the Spellmans4. The Spellmans Strike Again5. Trial of the Spellmans6. The Last Word*Recvd via Edelweiss 04/24/2013* Expected publication: July 9th 2013 by Simon & Schuster