The Pirate's Wish (The Assassin's Curse #2) - Cassandra Rose Clarke *Genre* Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4*My Thoughts*The Pirate’s Curse picks up right where The Assassin’s Curse left off. Ananna and Naji are stranded on The Isles of the Sky waiting for Marjani to return to pick them up, and it appears highly unlikely that Naji will ever complete his 3 impossible tasks in order to break the curse for good.If you’ve read the first novel, then you know that Ananna ended up with her fate tied to Naji through a curse that left them blood bond and Naji has to ensure that Ananna survives any kind of dangerous situation. Ananna and Naji’s 3 impossible tasks include true love's kiss, a princess’s starstones, and creating life out of violence. I think one of the most interesting & entertaining character of this story is the Manticore known as Ongraygeeomryn. Not only does Ong eat humans, but she and Ananna form a pretty interesting friendship which made the book even better in my humble opinion. I loved how she kept thinking about Naji as good food once the curse had been broken. I had a bit of a problem with Ananna this time out because she loses a bit of her pirate language from the first book, and becomes a bit more angst-ridden and insecure than before. Naji, isn’t exactly a prince, which makes things really interesting, especially when Marjani eventually returns and has a reunion with Ananna’s parents’ along with Marjani’s revelation that she is in love with a princess whose help they need to complete one of the tasks.It’s interesting that Ananna’s pirate language wasn’t as prevalent as in the previous installment. Clarke definitely takes chances in writing in an unusual way, but to me, it paid off in the end. I like characters that are different from other main stream characters, and have an unusual way of speaking that goes against the norms of what readers like.I think Clarke definitely made the correct choice in splitting up her novel into two different books so that it wouldn’t be so large and maybe turn off potential readers. I like that the series ends rather nicely and there’s no question that the romance between Ananna and Naji will be nothing but poetic and incredible. I really loved the world building in this series and am definitely interested in seeing what Clarke comes up with in the future.Thank you Strange Chemistry for providing me an advanced reader's copy of this novel for review purposes*Recvd via Netgalley 04/02/2013* Expected publication: June 4, 2013 by Strange Chemistry