Rush - Eve Silver *Genre* Young Adult*Rating* 3.0*My Thoughts*16-year old Rochester, New York High School student Miki Jones is about ready to get the shock of her life. After sacrificing her own body in order to save a deaf girl from being killed, Miki wakes up in an alternative reality universe wearing a bracelet with a screen attached to it. "The bracelets your con. The color is your health. Don't let it turn red."Right, I'll be sure to remember all that crap as soon as you tell me what in the hell just happened to me. Why was I suddenly pulled from real life so that I can complete some mission against an enemy (aliens) that I know nothing about, and apparently there are others like Luka Vujic, Tyrone Walker, and Jackson Tate that I am supposed to work with and oh, Jackson Tate is apparently the leader of this teenaged rag tag alien (the Drau) killing team?Hey, I know, please tell me what happens to you if you say DIE in the game? Yeah, that would be a really wonderful thing to know so that I don’t get myself KILLED in the process of saving the world from the Drau! Also, can I get more extensive detail on the Drau please? So, I would definitely say that if you are a gamer, then Rush is the book for you. It’s interesting in that people are pulled into the game by the mysterious Committee but nobody really knows who they are, or why they can’t fight the alien invasion themselves. Eve is an interesting character in that she refuses to cease asking important and life- saving questions so that she can survive to see another day. She’s been trained in Kendo (Sword fighting) and is half-Japanese which we don’t see a lot of. For the record, I appreciate the fact that there is no 3 way love triangle in this book. Sure, Jackson and Eve connect on some level, and Luka is someone Eve knows from school. But Miki doesn’t want the entire book making up her mind on which boy captivates her heart and imagination. So, now you ask about the infuriating, button pushing, maddening, and absolutely arrogant Jackson Tate. Yeah, he is that and so much more. There is a definitely mystery to his character, and apparently he’s been fighting the good fight longer than anyone else. So yes, I answer your impatient question, I shall be reading the next installment because thanks to Ms Silver, there is a huge cliffhanger that just tore me to pieces and I want to know what happens next!*Recvd ARC via Edelweiss on 02/19/2013* Expected publication: June 11th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books