Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn *Genre* Horror, Young Adult*Rating* 4*My Thoughts*17-year old Annaliese Rose Gordon went missing a year ago, suddenly appears out of nowhere covered only in a garbage bag. Where has she been? Why do her memories only go back as far as 5 days? Why if she’s supposedly from Buffalo, New York, was she found wandering Oklahoma apparently alone? How come she truly believes she is not the real Annaliese and that her parents are not her own?These are the questions that you immediately begin to ask yourself as Another Little Piece starts its frenetic pacing that ends in one of the most mind blowing stories that I have read this year. Quinn throws readers into a scramble for answer questions about Annaliese’s true identity and what really happened to her and even adds a bit of twisted romance with Dex and Logan Rice.When Annaliese learns the truth behind these flashback memories and the terrifying, dark truth behind who she really is and why she craves blood and the never-ending cycle that she is trapped in unless she can understand her past and figure out who she really is. We have Annaliese's perspective; perspectives from girls that lived in the past, and perspectives from a time and place that we aren't sure even really exist.I am still seriously scratching my head at certain aspects of the book. I could possibly have an understanding problem at what actually was at the center piece of this story except for creepy body invaders, witches, and whomever the Physician actually was.However, that being said, I would highly recommend that you take time from your busy reading schedules and add Another Little Piece to your TBR and your review requests. You can absolutely blame me if you don’t agree that this book is one of the darkest, strangest books you’ve read all year.*Recvd via Edelweiss on 03/22/2013* Publishes June 11, 2013 by Harper Teen