Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris *Genre* Science Fiction-y*Rating* 4.0*My Thoughts*Unbreakable, in my humble opinion, was as good, or better than Unraveled. I really found myself liking Interverse Agent Taylor Barclay more than in the first book when he totally came across as an asshat. His determination and efforts in this book, were commendable and honorable.I thought that Taylor and Jenelle made a fantastic team. I found Jenelle to be as determined as I think we've ever seen her. She was determined to find the Missing, she was determined to help Taylor solve his case at the risk of her own life, and to find Ben in the process. She went a long way to help her own world recover from nearly being destroyed after Unraveled. I even liked Cecily who was simply amazing.I commend Norris for wrapping up this duology in the best way possible, and not dragging it a third book. There were ups and downs, loss of life, different worlds, devastation to Jenelle's world, and human trafficking that hit close to Jenelle. I still would like to know for sure what happened to Jenelle's mother. I know it says "it's presumed that she's missing or dead" but it's probably the only lose end I can actually think of right now. I'm happy to see that Jenelle closed one of her fathers oldest cases (Missing Persons) and that she gets her HEA after all is said and done.Published April 23rd 2013 by Balzer + Bray