Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 4 Full Stars*Full Review Shortly*Ave Atque Vale. Hail and FarewellI am left with so many different emotions after reading Clockwork Princess. My first emotion was that it was a very, very powerful ending and I can't really dislike the way things were left off with Tessa, Will, and Jem. I really, really liked Sophie and was glad that Clare gave her a pretty decent ending and that she survived until the very end. I also adored Cecily, Will's precocious sister who really was a wonderful addition to this trilogy. As for my favorite, I would have to say Charlotte because she stood for what she believed in even in the middle of a war with Mortmain and having her decisions questioned repeatedly by the Consul. Her relationship with Henry will stand the test of time because of the fact that they were so right and good for and to each other even with Henry being a babbling genius most of the time.Although I truly hate love triangles, this one was actually done brilliantly. There was no love loss between Will and Jem. They were bonded over friendship and it lasted even with Tessa thrown in the middle of them. I can't say anything about the ending that isn't a spoiler, so I won't."When I am in the darkness, I will think of it in the light, with you."Published March 19th 2013 by Margaret K. McElderry Books