Breaking Point - Kristen Simmons *Genre* YA, Dystopian*Rating* 3.5-4*My Thoughts*Breaking Points begins with Ember Miller and Chase Jennings having escaped the Federal Bureau of Reformation and the Moral Militia and are wanted for multiple counts of treason. Ember and Chase Jennings are taken in by the resistance under Wallace, but they face difficult challenges including the fact that there is apparently a sniper making things even more difficult for them by targeting members of the MM and the deaths are blamed on Ember who has become public enemy number one. An Article One order is issued and soldiers are allowed to shoot her without question.For Ember, she continues to look over her shoulder even among the resistance who questions whether or not she is the real deal or just another plant who reports to the Moral Militia. It also doesn't help that Tucker Morris, the man who killed Ember's mother, has joined the resistance, and there may be spies within the resistance itself. Chase, Ember, and Sean, who is looking to retrieve Rebecca, all head towards Chicago once they escape Knoxville after nearly being captured and rounded up by the Moral Militia. Ember's friend Beth is discovered running a safe house out of Ember's former home. Breaking Point is a novel that keeps up a fairly brisk pace. I'm glad that Ember and Chase have a few issues. This is a world that has gone to hell and you don't expect them to be all lovie dovie all the time. You expect challenges, and awful situations where anyone could be after you. Published February 12th 2013 by Tor Teen