Mystic - Alyson Noel *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*"You must be willing to do that which you believe you're not capable of."So, having finished reading Mystic at 3 am this morning and then immediately falling asleep and dreaming about tearing Cade Richter's eyes out with my fingers, I can now quietly contemplate writing a review without fear of sounding angry, sad, or annoyed. Mystic is the third novel in the Soul Seekers series and picks up pretty much right where Echo left off. Mystic is told by three different characters: Daire Santos, Dace Whitefeather, and Xotichl Gohman who I actually liked hearing from since her perspective is totally different than any other characters in this series and she also goes through a wondrous change along with Lita. But, it is Cade Richter that once again drives the storyline and leaves people's life's hanging in the balance.If you have NOT read Echo, then I feel it necessary to warn you that there may or might not be spoilers coming your way. Please don't message me and tell me I've ruined the book for you when in fact I am telling you straight up to STOP READING THIS REVIEW until you have finished with Echo.Mystic picks up with Daire in the Upperworld having died and then rescued by the mysterious Axel. Who is Axel? Why did Axel save Daire and take her to the Upperworld? What happened to Dace and Cade? Pretty much all these questions are explained in great detail and Noel doesn't leave anything to chance by leaving readers squiggling in their seats in anticipation that Daire and Axel may really soul mates or long lost loves.There is ONE question I do have however, and I'm hoping that someone who has read this story can explain it to me: Who was the mysterious stranger in Upperworld that recognizes Daire and tries to help her only to have Daire run away? This question is driving me silly wondering why anyone in the Upperworld would recognize her and try to help her and not introduce themselves.I need to say that I have overcome my hesitation when it comes to reading this series and following Daire's story. She has overcome so much at 16 years of age, and her determination to fight to the bitter end is nothing less than stellar and admirable. Daire is definitely a character that you can follow without fear that she's going to do something absolutely stupid and put herself and friends into harm’s way on purpose. Daire isn't afraid of standing up to Cade, and hopefully, the final showdown will be of epic proportions and not a subtle let down like other final books I’ve read recently. Let's talk about Cade shall we? Seriously, Cade is one of the vilest, meanest villains you will ever meet in the YA genre, or any other genre for that matter. He is a power hungry little cretin who is dangerous and toys with Daire at each opportunity he gets. He's like a cat with a mouse, pushing her around, stopping her in her tracks, and then batting her away like she's nothing more than cannon fodder.I love the fact that Xotichl and Lita play important parts in this book. Especially Lita who has come a long from being the mean girl and Cade's girlfriend. It's like a whole new form of the Scooby gang with Daire and Dace as the other members. I liked seeing the changes in both characters after spending time in Middleworld and hope Noel expands upon it. There are some that will feel an emotional connection to Phyre. Me, I really didn't like the way she was twisted and changed by her own father to supposedly start the end of the world. I was also hoping that maybe either Dace and Daire would reach her and stop her from doing something stupid. Mystic has a very emotional ending to it, and I’m sure those who have read the series will see it coming from a mile away. There is also the question about why Axel has decided to forgo the Upperworld in order to be in Enchanted with Daire and Dace. Guess we shall see in the final installment called Horizon coming November 2013.Published: May 7th 2013 by St. Martin's Griffin