Sworn to Raise - Terah Edun *Genre* Fantasy*Rating* 3.0*My Thoughts* Ciardis Vane is an orphaned gypsy girl who is known for her red dye that's made out of mountain plants and an elusive ingredient that she refuses to allow anyone access to. When a chance encounter with Lady Serena of the Companions Guild happens in her home town of Vaneis, Ciardis finds herself whisked away from her drab life where she is a laundress, into a whole new world of magic, intrigue, and court politics where only the strong survive.For the record, Companions are men & women that magically complement they’re patron or partner. Some have determined that companions are actually prostitutes, but I won't go that far. Companions often end up married to their patrons and bear them children based on what they are contractually obligated to do.Ciardis has no clue about her heritage until she arrives at the Companions Guild and finds out from the Head Archivist. She was orphaned and never really understood that her mother was known as a powerful Weathervane, or a person who can enhance a mages powers. Now, it is her turn to take her place among the past Weathervane's if she can survive her fellow students, court intrigue, and challenges she must face in order to complete her training.Sword to Raise had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, for me, it felt a bit disconnected and discombobulated in more than one area. As an example, Ciardis is walking with one character in a Maze challenge, when suddenly within one paragraph, another characters name appears in his place. Then you have the clothes she was wearing at the time. How she ends up going from wearing a tunic to a dress was beyond weird.I would have also liked to have more background on Lady Serena, Damias Lancer, and other girls who are being trained at the same time as Ciardis. I would have liked to see more training aspects as well. I think the idea of brushing over, or removing entire aspects of a persons life is wrong.I have Sworn to Release, so, I shall continue reading this series/trilogy to see if things get any better. Released: April 10, 2013