The Last Academy - Anne Applegate *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 2.5-3*My Thoughts* I hesitated in reading The Last Academy until now, because I don't normally read novels that center on characters that are so young. I also wasn’t encouraged by fellow reviewers & bloggers comments towards the story and characters. You are probably asking yourself, why then did you request it dummy? It is because I am addicted to reading, and thought this would be about ghosts and other possible paranormal characters. I would definitely say that The Last Academy aims more towards the middle grade student than the young adult market. For me, there was absolutely no way that I could connect to a character that is so young when I'm three decades older. I found myself rolling my eyes on more than a few occasions and that should have been my coup de grace to exit stage left. However, since I have NEVER not finished a book, I felt the need to find out how the book ended.14 year old Camden Fisher finds herself at the Lethe Academy boarding school after a freak accident leaves her in a state of disconnect from reality and angry with her best friend. Camden realizes that not everything is picture perfect and that she will face unusual challenges as a result. When Camden realizes that not everything is what it seems, she goes in search of answers which may or may not shock her to the core. Obviously, I am not going to say what happens to her that sent her to Lethe in the first place. If you choose to read this story, then I will say that there is no real surprise or mystery as to what happens to her if you paid CLOSE attention to the first chapter. (The synopsis also kind of spoils the story as well.)It takes a really long time for Camden’s mind to catch up with the reality of the situation and by then, she needs to make a choice of what to do next. By the way authors, if I read “In My Mind’s Eye” one more time over the next 10 years, I will charge you with my next psychiatrist visit. Every time I read those 3 little words, I wanted to take a shot of bourbon to kill the pain I was feeling from the repetitiveness of seeing this statement over and over again.The Last Academy has all the things that people expect from YA, MG novels: there is the ideological roommate who is truly hateful and therefore conflicts are inevitable between Camden and her. There is the spunky Brynn Laurent who apparently was a big deal in the tennis world before ending up in Lethe. Add Nora Alpert to the mix as the girl who befriends and sticks with Camden through a bunch of rough periods, including finding possible love with Mark Elliott and you basically have all the main characters.Clearly, I have feelings towards this story, but it basically revolves around the main character being so righteously indignant most of the time that she shredded my last nerve on numerous occasions. She’s really a pain in the ass if you want the truth. I didn’t really find anything positive to say about her until she finally started uncovering the truth about the teachers and why they're at Lethe, as well as her own fate. *Recvd via Netgalley* Released: May 1st 2013 by Point