The Matador's Crown - Alex Archer *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3*My Thoughts*In the 38th installment of the Rogue Angel series, our protagonist archaeologist Annja Creed, finds herself in Andalucia, Spain (Cadiz) where she settles in for a dig after being on the road for the previous two months. Annja enjoys archaeology and any time she gets to spend outside doing what she knows best, and away from her crazy TV show Chasing History's Monsters, is time away from fighting the bad guys and trying to stay one step ahead of trouble.Of course, Annja also loves to get involved in things that she should probably stay away from. Example: illegal artefact trafficking which leads to the inevitable belief that she has a moral obligation to stop it. So, when she naturally comes across a body in a hotel room next to hers, she realizes that there is definitely something fishy going on in Cadiz. This leads Annja to an encounter with bullfighter Diego Mantera, Ava Vital a dancer/former special ops/assassin, a less than above the board museum curator James Harlow, Police officer Cesar Soto, and a reunion of sorts, with Garin Braden who just happens to be in Cadiz at the same time as Annja. Garin, sometimes ally, sometimes nemesis of Annja, has his fingers in so many different angles, it's hard to deal with his apparent focus Annya and her Joan of Arc broadsword she carries. Apparently, Garin finds that Annja is a person of interest for both him and Roux that needs watching over. In The Matador's Crown, Garin and Annja once again join forces, albeit temporarily, and this encounter should lead to some interesting challenges for Annya in future novels.I find it interesting that I continue with this series knowing that there are still 10 or more books out there to read and I'm totally in the dark as to who is actually writing the stories. There is a bit of inconsistency in this story, but that shouldn't surprise anyone who has read the previous 38 novels!This series is truly hard to come by unless you choose to purchase each book via Amazon, or some place that offers them. Thankfully, there are libraries out there who have made an attempt to keep up on this series for readers like me who are obsessed and maybe a bit addicted.Published September 4th 2012 by Gold Eagle (first published September 1st 2012) 39. City of Swords (October 2012)40. The Third Caliph (January 2nd 2013)41. Staff of Judea (March 5th 2013)42. The Vanishing Tribe (May 7th 2013)43. Clockwork Doomsday (July 1st 2013)44. Blood Cursed (September 3rd 2013)45. Sunken Pyramid (November 2013)46. Treasure of Lima (January 2014)47. River of Nightmares (March 2014)48. Grendel’s Curse (May 2014)