The Reluctant Reaper

The Reluctant Reaper - Gina X. Grant *Genre* Adult Satire? Not sure*Rating* 3.0*Thoughts*"My new motto was going to be Trust no one. It had worked for Mulder."I went into reading The Reluctant Reaper with no expectations other than to enjoy it and see what happens. The basic premise of the story is that 25 year old Kirsty D'Arc, without knowing the consequences of her actions, steps in front of a Reaper who came after Conrad, her boss, and ends up in Hell while her mortal body lands in a coma. It is up to Kirsty & a select few friends, to find a way back to her body, before she ends up in hell for eternity. Hell, of course, is nothing like you would imagine. First, her reaper is none other than Dante Alighieri, yes that Dante, who has a lot of explaining to do as to why he reaped the wrong person. Dante, naturally, is a hot Italian sex on a stick who feels absolutely horrible about what happened to Kirsty and tries to the best of his abilities, to find a way out for Kirsty while saving his own bacon. Then you have Captain Charon who is a transvestite with a very amazing personality and is also funny. Kirsty and Charon hit things off immediately, and become friends. Other notable characters were Sybil Serpent, Sue Sayer, and Claire Voyant. There's also an appearance by Loki, and Moses of all people.The Reluctant Reaper is a book filled with snark, references to a generation (1980's & 1990's) that left us with lasting impressions. Techno-pop, Boy George, Kurt Cobain, Alice's Restaurant, Break Dancing, Duran Duran, and on and on.Kirsty's main problem is that she's rather dull. She's done absolutely nothing good or bad. She has neither good karma or bad karma and those responsible for hearing her case, aren't impressed that she's lived 25 years without causing some sort of trouble for those around her. Kirsty also hangs her head and pretty much gives up doing anything constructive while others try to help her win her appeal to win a path back to her body.Since I also have Scythe Does Matter, I'll be reading that book as well. Obviously, this series has lots of potential and I look forward to seeing how Kirsty's relationship with Dante progresses as well as the return of the characters I mentioned above. *Recvd via Edelweiss 03/19/2013* Expected publication: June 17th 2013 by Pocket Star