Article 5

Article 5 - *Genre* YA Dystopian*Rating* 3-3.5*Thoughts*17-Year old Amber Miller lives in a society that has suspended the Bill or Rights, and created Moral Statues and a Federal Bureau of Reformation to enforce all statues. As the daughter of a rebellious mother, Amber is a child who has no idea of who her own father is. This leads to her mother being arrested, and Amber being sent away to a Rehab Center and property of the government to do with as they like.After seeing her own mother gunned down by the boy she cared about, 19 year old Chase Jennings, she is surprised when he shows up and helps her escape from the Girls Reformatory & Rehab Center. This leads to Chase and Amber making their way through areas of desperation in an attempt to find the Resistance.I think I would have liked this book a whole lot better had there been some explanation as to what happened to the country 3 years ago and how the country suddenly came up with Article's that each and every citizen is supposed to adhere to. The story says that cities fell and the population moved to other places. BUT, what happened? What caused the war in the first place? I think I would have liked Ember better had she not been seriously whined constantly when it came to Chase's actions. It took her nearly the entire book before she realized how much he went through in order to protect her. I guess I'm a gory person, but, I would have NEVER allowed my mother's killer to walk away that easily. Perhaps that's saying something about society at a whole in that we are blood thirsty and willing to kill each other instead of walking away from tough choices and situations.It's actually too bad it took my library this long to get this book in, otherwise I would have read Article 5 and its sequel back to back since I had my paws on it!Published January 31st 2012 by Tor Teen