My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century  - Rachel  Harris *Genre* Young Adult*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*What can I say about My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century that hasn't already been said? I really loved Cat and her growth over the story and the fact that she learns some valuable lessons while in the past. I could definitely connect with her since I've been a loaner and angry at the way things have played out in my life just like her. Unfortunately, my parents aren't Hollywood royalty, and no Gypsy has come forward and sent me back to the past where I could connect to my Italian family just like Cat did and gain some valuable insight into things that could be much, much worse like forced betrothal.I absolutely adored Cat's cousin Alessandra and am glad to see she's featured in the sequel to this book. I liked cousin Cipriano and of course, Lorenzo as well but Less is the most interesting secondary character that Rachel develops. I loved the way she didn't run away screaming when Cat introduced the future to her and gave her support in her efforts to become an actress. The only reason I'm not running around screaming about Lorenzo is because it was an Insta-lust which I don't like!My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century reminds me of the River of Time trilogy by Lisa Tawn Bergren in that the feature protagonist both end up in Firenze, Italy. Cat in 1505, Gabi and Lia in 1322. This story, however, is much more of a romance novel with a bit of a lesson thrown in for Cat to learn so that she can finally go back to her own time.I am hoping that A Tale of Two Centuries, which releases August 6, 2013 by Entangled Teen, appears in my local library so that I can find out what happens next to Cat, Jenna, Her Father, Lucas, Angela, Hayley, and of course, Alessandra. Thank you to the Interlibrary Loan System for having this title available for me to borrow!Released: September 11th 2012 by Entangled Publishing