The Arrivals: A Novel

The Arrivals - Melissa Marr *Genre* Western, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adult*Rating* 3-3.5*First Thoughts*The synopsis of this book is kind of misleading in that it makes it sound as though Chloe is the main character and thus the story teller of The Arrivals. Which, in fact, is not true at all. I would say that Jack and his sister Katherine (Kitty) are the main protagonists, with the secondary characters being Edgar, Francis, Melody, Hector, and then Chloe who just happens to be the last Arrival added to the motley crew that has gathered in the Wasteland. As I was reading this book, it harkened me back to my western days when I would gobble up everything including John Wayne movies like I was addicted to crack. The Arrivals reminds me of Perdition where people are sent who have committed crimes (like killing people) and are sent there in order to find redemption in order to move on to Heaven or Hell. In this case, Jack and Kitty & crew, hunt down demons, and cynanthropes who roam the Wasteland as well as a sad sack villain who is the reason they are all there in the first place.This is the second adult themed novel that I have read by Melissa Mar. The premise is obviously something that appeals to me, otherwise I would have never asked to borrow it from my library. I like the fact that it mixes a bit of western with paranormal and yes, a bit of romance as well. I would also say that I would not say not to a potential sequel to this story.Published July 2nd 2013 by William Morrow